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CCHS receives donations in memory of special people, pets, events and occasions.  They are shared here on our website.  This page is searchable!  Just hit <ctrl> and <f> on your keyboard at the same time.  This will bring up a search box where you can enter the name you are looking for.  If found, that name will then be highlighted on this page.


   In Loving Memory of ...

Helen Acheson

     Alice Sischo

     Gary & Kay Weirauch

     Yvonne Girard

     Rene & Anita Harder

     Chirs & Nancy Capen

     David Mayer

     Orville Loberg

     Dan Peacock

Ed Klinke (Emily Fijalkiewicz)

Sandra Guzman (Thomas Guzman)

my wonderful, cat loving niece, Janel Sturzl (Celia Sturzl)

Sandra Guzman (Margaret Jensen)

Don Marine (Vera & Kim Marine)

"Cali"  Harycki (Kathleen Burke-Scheffler)

Sally Bauer (Michael & Susan Bauer)

"Sami" my best friend (Michael Tauschek)

our beloved Kassie (Julie & Allen Horner)

Byrne McClung (Betty Tasse and Family)

Goldie C Tesmer (Kathy Henseler)

"Tootsie", "Taz", "Spunky" and "Mitzee" (Rita Jankee)

"Tate", our 13 yr old Golden Retriever.  We miss him terribly. (Beth & Jeff Abegglen)

Mike Finney

     Carol Oryszczyn

     Kurt Fromm

     Karen Erpenbach

     Shirley Schommer

     Kevin Heling

     Mary Carole & Mike Hoffman

     Jacob & Lyndsey Brunette

     Milt & Jeanne Erickson

     Kirk & Nancy Rodman

     Harlen & Diane Sunsdahl

     Deborah Bandalos

     Wayne & Renee Lubke

     Jeanna Goodman

     The Harris Family

     Brian Urlaub

     Peter & Carolyn Manz

Sally Bauer (Bob & Ruth Blume)

"Squeak", Cheryl Meyer's beloved cat (Carol Mroczenski)

Ronald (Putz) Graffender (Dale & Shirley Majerus)

"Annie" and "Talis" (Marjorie Gabriel)

Marcia Lewis (Harlen & Diane Sunsdahl)

Harvey Goeke (Dick Grum)

our dog "Indy" (Dan & Claire Mroz)

my Dear Little "Fur Person" (Eleanor Arneson)

our precious "Tabitha" Sept 1999 - Oct 2015, adopted from CCHS in 2001 (Jackie Stange)

Arthur Conro Jr. (Cindy Vincent)

longtime Neillsville resident and friend, Michael Henry Finney (David and Pat Thornton)

"Rocky", "Duke"  and "Delta" (Harley and Sue Timmerman)

Don Wittkamp and JoAnn Mueller (Samantha LeBlanc)

Francis and Philomene Conway (Mary Conway)

"Buckshot", the dog a kid could have.  We miss you Big Brown Bear!  (Jesse, Nikki, Jarrett & Jillian Rueth)

"Shadow" our dog and "Samantha", "Alex", "Muffin" and "Goldie" our cats (Cindy Grota)

all my past pets (Dixie Degenhardt)

my best friend "Boomer" (Steve Colby)

Foxy "Baby Girl" (Sally Sadowska)

my first and most special Bichon, "Cali" (Kathleen Puerner)

"Hudson" (Louis Larson)

Karen Heuer (Peggy & Kevin Heuer)

"Maggie" and "Sandy" our precious rescues (Ron & Karen Wall)

"Molly", our dear cat (Mary Jo & Wayne Yokiel)

our 3 adopted dogs "Nepo", "Chris", and "Miss L Toe" (Joan & Brian Hendricks)

Viviane Hebert (Lori and Charles Gregorich)

"Lil Debbie" my kitty (Shirlee Moen)

John Zassenhaus

     Cody Kundinger

     Robert & Ruth BLume   

     Darlene Frome

     Shelley Anderson

     Jury and Kathleen Mertens

     Edward and Rose Johnson

     Mary Singstock

     Reed & Cherie Welsh

     Sandra Zassenhaus

"Tabby", "Frank" and "Mitzi", our cats, and "Buffy", our dog (Joe & Elaine Heuer)

my son, Michael Connell, US Navy, died 9/18/15, 22 years old (Karen Connell)

Syl Pavlowski (Cindy Pavlowski)

Harley Johnson (Ray and Sharon Rachu)

"Baily T Dog" (Shirley and Paul Jaeger)

David Hoeser (Ron & June Hoeser)

"Nikki", Kaelin's wonderful little friend and Brussels Griffon companion (Grant Family)

my dear friend, Dorothy Welsh (Nancy Schubert)

"Pooky" and "Chrissie" (Dean and Janet Stephens)

David Pope (Enid Fuchs)

my dear friend and animal lover Lynn Hughes (Terri Smith)

Harley Johnson (Dennis Bodem)

"NoSee" (Ellen Pichler)

Fran Gosse (Jann Weber)

Esrah Shah, who lost her young 22 yr old life, 11/3/2015 (Thomas & Rosalie Schaub)

Frances Gosse (Family of Frances Gosse)

Frances Gosse (Anthony & Darlene Jarocki)

Gene Mather (LeRoy and Rosie Mather)

"Nipper" (The Bergs)

Marie Virginia Farnum Durst (Dee and Joel Aronson)

Marie Durst (M E Sjolin)

Marie Durst (Richard & Corrine Witte)

"Chrissie" (Dean & Janet Stephens)

Donald Wittkamp and JoAnn Mueller (Samantha LeBlanc)

"Foxy's Star" (Lisa Ule)

Anne Filitz - She loved dogs (Jim Filitz)

"Cassie" our 16 yr old dog, died 5/20/2015 (Nicole Kaiser)

our beloved "Rusty" Roginski, my most loved, best friend (Miranda, Chris, Easton Roginski)

Earl Tieman (Harriet Tieman)

Mike Klinke (Margaret Smith)

Henry Swansby (Audrey Pucek)

"Cody", our beloved cat, adopted almost 18 years ago (Lori Holcomb)

Dorothy Metnick (Cynthia & Carl Jaeschke)

Dorothy Metnick (Barbara & Duane Passow)

Henry Swansby (Joan Dyer)

Jim Yule (Betty Yule)

the precious dogs I've had in my life (Kathryn Perry)

my mother and father, Nancy L Stock and John P Stock (Andrea Richards)

Bettey Nall (Enid Fuchs)

Permanence, Perseverance and Persistence in spite of all obstacles, discouragements and impossibilities; It is this, that in all things distiguishes the strong soul from the weak.  In memory of "Red" and in honor of Katie Collins for her dedication to assisting senior animals.

"Magic" who passed away (Bonnie Humpreys)

"Tonga" (David and Rebecca Colwell)

Robert W. Kiwak (Joe Kiwak)

Gerald Kafka (Dennis Haley)

Warren Klieber (Enid Fuchs)

JoAnn Mueller

     Mr. and Mrs. Allen Singstock

     Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Strohkirch

     Duane Woik

     Elsie Woik

     Mr. and Mrs. Joe Cornelius

     Alice Olson

     Mr. and Mrs. Gene Wanless

     Mr. and Mrs. Robert Goldamer

     Joyce Mader

     Mr. and Mrs. Larry Herington

Chuck Nelson (Rita Koplitz)

Paul Linderholm (Linda Burlingame)

Bruce Mueller, a dog lover for life (Luke & Stacy Schilling)

Donna Noll (Karl & Julie Noll)

Donna Noll (Gunderson Lutheran Medical Foundation)

Paul A. Linderholm (Dairyland Power)

Donna Noll (Gary & Debra Haseley)

Audrey Fuchs and Lloyd Spencer (Don & Enid Fuchs)

"Sneaker", a special buddy of Pat Bottoni for almost 16 years. (Penny Polhemus)

Larry Daniels (Anita Lulloff)

Larry Daniels (Mary Ellen Miller)

Anne Filitz (Todd Steward Jr.)

Colleen Johnson (Friends and Family of Colleen Johnson)

Tom Albers a great guy (Doug and Carol Bloedel)

Bea Seidel, my mom. She loved all animals.

Bea Seidel (Kay Seidel)

Bea Seidel (Don Seidel)

Bea Seidel (Village of Dorchester)

Paul Linderholm (Arthur and Catherine Schrafe)

                                     (Carol Haugen)

                                     (Terry and Jane Wozney)

                                     (Wallen Capper)

                                     (Tom and Elizabeth Johnson)

                                     (Jerry and Betty Pederson)

                                     (Charles and Cheryl Embretson)

                                     (Charles and Rita Schnick)

                                     (Linda and David Larson)

                                     (Lori and Larry Buffington)

                                     (Mary Ott)

                                     (Michael Schlagenhaft)

                                     (Colleen O’Donnell)

                                     (Melvin and Judy Marty)

                                     (Ronald and Susan  Dix)

                                     (Wayne and Kathleen Schillinger)

                                     (Clarice Franke)

                                     (Rosanne and Mark Hoff)

                                     (Norman and Myrtle Berget)

                                     (Monte and Violet Pederson)

                                     (Jane Linderholm)

                                     (Greg and Mary O’Reilly)

                                     (Christy Linderholm, Friends and Family of Paul Linderholm)

                                     (Linda Burlingame)

                                     (Colleen Franklin)

                                     (The Schmitt Family)

                                     (with love from the Burnett/Litwaitis Family)

                                     (Dairyland Power)

                                               (Friends and Family of Paul Linderholm)

James Wavrunek (Tom and Betty Barr)

“Kiki” (Jose Fernandez)

Bernice Steczynski (Land O’Lakes Inc)

Bernice Steczynski (Lisa Hieronimus)

Aunt Olyne Cooper (Carol Swoboda)

Kay J Schultz (Yolanda Nieves)

“Lisa” the cat adopted from CCHS with sister “Leslie” (Tony and Carolyn Kleifgen)

Maddie Thums (Dori Tooke)

Mildred Lawson (Fred and Lois Kieser)

Virginia Hederer (Kenneth Pacholke)

“Jake”,beloved 14 yr old dog of Mary Sierakowski (Lori Vickerman)

Dennis Owens (Dorothy and Angel)

my neighbor, dog and cat sitter, Dennis Owens (JoAnn Wren)

“Jasper” DeBerg (Danell DeBerg)

Scott Armitage (Tom and Betty Barr)

Viola Larson, my Aunt (Jim and Sherry Perry)

our beloved “Smokey” (Karen and Jackie Sachs)

“Tucker”, my heart and soul. (Jody Parchim)

our beautiful Golden “Daisy” (Beth and Jeff Abegglen)

Florentine Nosbisch (Alvera Gottschalk)

Henry Swansby (Audrey Pucek)

Elaine Duge (Families of: Paul, Rose and Alfred Kuenkel, and Louis and Elaine Duge

Kris Bower (Denny and Nancy Henke)

“Sparky”, “Scrappy”, “Scruffy”, “Bootsy” and “Boo Boo” (Sharon Blume)

my mother and father, John P Stock and Nancy L Stock (Andrea Richards)

Keth Krug (Enid Fuchs)

“Buster”, “Penny”, “Polly”, “Rusty”, and “Tippy” (Jim, Mary Kay and Katie Mills)

William Erpenbach Jr (Harlen and Diane Sunsdahl)

“Tilly” (Amanda Wulff and Tim Fawcett)

“Filitz’s Little Ladies” (Jim Filitz)

Nate Gallant (Carol and Nichole Bloedel)

Nathan Gallant (Thomas Gallant)

Lucy Frey (Tracy Frey)

Earl Vorpagel (Leroy and Rosie Mather)

Pat Sass (Monday Nite Bowling League)

Pat Sass (Gary and Kay Weirauch)

Pat Sass (Richard and Corrine Witte)

Pat Sass (Friends and Family of Pat Sass)

Lori Bahr (Sharon and Ross Notham)

Lori Bahr (Marlee and Kirk Carlson)

“Lilly” and “Flash”, with love (Mark, Brittney and Drew)

my mother, Arleine Tollefsrud and Norma Rusch and “Curly” (Mary Tollefsrud)

“Timber” (Robert McCully)

“Chance” (Robert McCully)

“Minnie” (Frances Rickard)

Fred Epright (Pam and Don Flatoff)

“Jazz” and “Slate” (Lorna Vazquez)

Thorvald Frost from the Cat Kids, P-2 and Pal (Joan Frost)

all of my pets (Dr Ana C Capati)

my father, Gary Vollrath (Shirley Brost)

“Peg” (fka “Mariska”) our English Bulldog. We miss her daily. (John O’Meara)

“Lexi”, a faithful friend and companion (Kimberly Schilling)

my Bichon, “Cali” (Kathy Puerner)

our dear “Froy”, the most gentle old soul. We were truly blessed to have you in our lives. (Stacy, Kent and Barrett Lehman)

Roy and Marian Ammentorp (Kathy Ammentorp)

“Boomer” my best and only true friend in the whole world. (Steve Colby)

“Brooke” my Black Lab mix (Darla Sorensen)

“Riley” my Cocker Spaniel (Lorraine Ebben)

“Bailey T. Dog” (the Villnow Family)

Tony Nadler who passed away 12/14/14. Grampa to three dogs adopted from CCHS. We all miss him terribly. (Jody Parchim)

Colleen Herman (David Stoeri)

                                     (Wendy Treptow)

                                     (Clifton and Jane Hollister)

                                     (Kent and Jane Weiler)

                                     (Loy Gotham)

                                     (Lorraine Ebben)

Floyd Neibacker (Enid Fuchs)

Brian Kulas (Enid Fuchs)

Cathy Hahn (Enid Fuchs)

Harvey Goeke (Lila Oelhafen)

                                 (Leanne Holozsi)

                                 (James Turnquist)

                                 (Margaret Smith)

                                 (June Wittwer)

                                 (Dee Kanter)

                                 (Carol Ulrich)

                                 (Steve and Carol Hemersbach)

                                 (Friends and Family of Harvey Goeke)

Richard Scheuer. We’re paying Windsor forward. (Cheryl, Dave and D)

Betty Hayes (Jane Gerend)

                              (William and Cathy Heuer)

Stacey Ann Hurley (Alfred and Sandra Speich)

                              (Joe and Mary Meller)

Edith Engel (Enid Fuchs)

“Haus” (Mark Schroeder and Lori Tasse)

Aunt Oligne Cooper (Carol Swoboda)

Eugene and Phyllis Church (Harlen and Diane Sunsdahl)

Edith Boreen (Enid Fuchs)

“Rusty” (Chris and Miranda Roginski)

Bette Brown (Leonard and Carol Burns)

Betty Hayes (Tammy Voss)

Betty Hayes. She loved her dogs. (Friends and Family of Betty Hayes)

“Moses”, our sweet and beloved kitty. (Brian and Kathy Coughlin)

Rita Young (Jesse Young)

JoAnn Mueller (Sharleen Przekurat)

                                  (Joelle Mueller)

JoAnn Wittkamp Mueller (the Hindi Family)

                                  (Andrea Hindi)

                                  (Layla and Frederick Bokil)

Mary Louise Nelson (Kathryn Nelson)

                                  (Arvid Haugen)

Orville Eyers (Enid Fuchs)

Kayla Ignatowski (Sybil Basombrio)

Donna C Noll

        (Gunderson Lutheran Medical Foundation)

        (Karl & Julie Noll)

        (Gary & Debra Haseley)

        (James Hastrieter)

        (Bob & Mary Fischer)

        (James & Barbara Tiffany Nelson)

        (Jerome & Claudine Blum Hamus)

        (Mr & Mrs Gerald Holubets)

        (Edward & Claudine Fandry)

        (Jeff & Sharon Yushta)

        (Shirley Gray)

        (Gail & Philip Shealy)

        (Elizabeth Gilles)

        (Friends & Family of Donn C Noll)

        (Judy & Dan Akin Family)

Colleen Johnson and her love of animals (Jill Averill, Linda Neville, Jill Opelt, Stacy Otto)

"Coconut" my friend (Erna Cheney)

"Lisa" (Tony & Carolyn Kleifgen)

Marian Smrecek

          Carided & Richard Hanson

          Marlene & Thomas Smrecek

          Charlotte Gregorich  

          Marcia Cholka

          Friends and Family of Marian Smrecek

          Mom/Grandma - who especially loved cats! (Jennifer Ryan)

Melvin Blasel (Larry & Marlene Blasel)

Colleen Johnson (Jo - Cliff Kutzner)

Marian David, my sister. (R.M. Herrmann)

Daniel R Smrecek - Dad/Grandpa - who loved all animals! (Jennifer Ryan)

Gertrude Johnson, passed away 12/6/2013 at age 89, our mother and grandmother (Joyce, Nels, Karl and Sydney Johnson)

Cynthia Caper's cat, "Gordy" (Cheryl Kern-Simirenko)

Anne Filitz (Family and Friends of Anne Filitz)

Anne Filitz (Vradenburg Family)

Mary Zaroufy's "Clarence" (Tom & Betty Barr)

Anne Filitz (Tom & Betty Barr)

Anne Filitz (Luke & Stacy Schilling)

Tom Dukes' cat "Sneakers" (Cheryl Kern-Simirenko)

Dagne Wing, Alfa Holm, Laddie Haas - Withee Class of 1934 (Victor Kordish)

Lue and Victor Colbenson (Becky Helland)

Larry Daniels

          Mary Hanson

         Tonia & Craig Anderson Ruskin

          Dale & Gloria Riedel

          Fort Atkinson Community Theatre, Inc.

          Cousin Ron and Teri Marden

          Demco, Inc.

          Ron & Sharon Ratsch

          George & Jana Phariss

Joanne Zwaschka (Leanne Holozsi)

Greg "Savage" Gorke.  We will keep you in our hearts forever. (Sheila Steinmetz)

Della Thompson (Harlen & Diane Sunsdahl)

Francis and Philomene Conway (Mary Conway)

"Rusty" (Brian Witnik)

Randy Koplitz (Michelle Tesmer)

Ervin Knoop (Judy Zickert)

Roy and Marian Ammentorp (Kathleen Ammentorp)

"Gracie" forever in our hearts (Chris and Diane Kessler)

"Sugar Bear" aka "Infinity", the sweetest dog who ever lived. (Larry & Lisa Rybicki)

my lake buddy and forever friend, Jean Struss (Penny Polhemus)

Ron Henning (Marie Henning)

"Gilbert", "Dreyfus", "Marg", "Sullivan" (Tom & Betty Barr)

"Rocky" (Pam Messman)

my grandfather (Joelle Mueller)

Chuck Nelson (Rita Koplitz)

our beloved "Tucker", we miss you so much (Jody & Roger Parchim)

Madelyne Thums (Dori & Adam Tooke)

"Dessa" (Chad & Kelly Thompson)

"Camy", Nancy and John Schubert's beloved Collie (Dorothy Welsh)

Donny Willman (Dennis & Linda Willman)

"Mindy" and "Abby" (Jim & Dawn Strack)

Dennis Stanke and "Sammi" (Judy Stanke)

our daughter's British Short-hair rescue cat, "Chiana" (Gerry & Marian Mulligan)

Mary Jo Siebenaler (Jane Gerend)

"Lady Frey" (Tracy Frey)

my Father, John P Stock, sadly missed by his daughter, Andrea (Andrea Richards)

my Mother, Nancy L Stock, sadly missed by her daugher, Andrea (Andrea Richards)

"Gidget" (Carla & Terry Gest)

"Buddy", deeply missed (Pat and John Hubing)

Mary Ann, who loved her cats and those who came to her as strays (Agnes McCall)

"Buster", "Polly", "Penny", "Rusty", and "Tippy" (Jim, Mary Kay and Katie Mills)

"Daisy" (Roger & Linda Dietel)

David Hoeser (June Hoeser

Ervin Knoop (Family of Ervin Knoop)

"Anna" (Martha Kuehmichel)

Dorothy M Ditch (Wayne Johnson)

"Reyna" (Scott & Linda Thomas)

"Anna" (Martha Kuehmichel)

Charles Nelson (Charlotte Davies)

Colleen Hoffman, my forever friend (Penny Polhemus)

Norma Rusch (Mary Tollefsrud)

Dale Petkovsek, a pillar of the Willard Community (Penny & Jenny Polhemus)

Marge Kleifgen (Joe & Mary Meller)

Marge Kleifgen (Harriet Brown)

"Hudson", my best friend - Dad (Louis Larson)

Our brother, Jerry Frost, who loved dogs (Sally & Doris)

Sharon Barker (Don & Linda Diers)

Charles Nelson
            Rita Koplitz
            Patricia Allen
            Dewey Oehler

my "Anna" (Martha Kuehmichel)

dearly loved, departed pets of Tom and Betty Barr (the Fletcher Family)

"Kelly", "Kopper", "Kwill" and "Jade", my furry friends (Ione Lynch)

"Cosmo" (Tracy Hampton)

Lyla Erickson - one spunky, fun-loving lady! (Penny Polhemus)

Larry Throener (Alona & Cole)

"TipToe" (Greg & Jean Mancil)

Cheryl Hathaway (Harold Schultz, Bonnie Schultz, Ingrid Schroeder, and the Erickson, Gagermeier and Schroeder Families)

"Smokey" my cat who died 1-13 (Lorraine Ebben)

Tom Scheuer who passed away 2/21/11 (Roger Dietel)

Jeanie Meixner who passed away 1/4/13 (Roger Dietel)

Dagne Wing, Alfa Holm and Laddie Haas - members of Withee Class of 1954 (Victor Kordish)

Cara Jean Washburn (Scott and Sharon Gress)

Esther Moen (Jean Doty)

my wife, Edith (Walt Backus)

Madelyne Thums (Joshua Tooke)

Audrey Stieber (Jill Domecki)

Irene Frane (William Getka)

Madelyne Thums (Ronald Thums)

Irene Frane (Wayne & Patricia Flick)

Dick Glinski, a great man with an even greater heart.

     Karl Noll                                         Arlyn & Kathy Telford

     Mike & Linda Reber-Peterson          Alan & Marie Esser

     Richard & Jane Lamermayer           Michael Schlagenhaft

     Chuck & Cheri Wegner                   Marliss Trudeau

     Joan Zoellner                                 Kenneth & Jean Swenson

     Marcia Schoessow                         Larry & Illa Syring

Thank you, Dick Glinski, for the many fond memories.  I'm sure you are singing your little ditties with the angel choir. 
We will miss you.  
                      The "Bloome Family"    Ralph, Rosis and children Jeff, Steve an Michelle

Irene Frane (Eugene & Carolyn Zawadzki)

Evelyn Swenson (Nancy and Wallace Swenson)

Colleen Kunhart d. 12/25/2012 (Gwendolyn Szaflarski)

Verna Dallmann (Dale & Shirley Majerus)

"Ginger" (Donna Zygarlicke)

My Cairn Terrier and best friend, "Gizzy", who passed away on April 29, 2013 (Bernyce Barr)

"Abby" (James Strack)

"BK" (Galen, Kim & Mallory Neuenfeldt)

My buddy, "BK" (Jill Fritz)

Loy Boehm (Janet Boehm)

My uncle, Bob Stark (Peggy Paczkowski)

"Kami" (Joy Messerschmidt)

William Boller (Scott Wegner)

William "Bill" Boller (Robert & Lisa Cornell)

"Sullivan" Barr (Nora Ylvisaker)

Mike Klinke (Margaret Smith)

"Tigger", put to rest 4-22-13 (George and LaMalle Winkler)

"Abe" (Bear and Flip Scharf)

"Tiptoe" (Greg & Jean Mancil)

My husband, Carl Wendt and previous dog, "Teddy Bear" (Phyllis Wendt)

Irene Dasler (Shellie & Jeff Freisinger)

Marian Ammentorp, 1925 - 2013.  (Kathy Ammentorp)

Arthur W Conro 

     Barb & Wally Schultz

     Chuck & Kathleen King

     Cindy Vincent

     Lynn Larson

"Max" (Margie Bauer)

Madelyne Thums (Dori Tooke)

David Vradenburg, He was a great man.

     Friends and Family of Dave Vradenburg

     Doris Bakker                                 Curt and Carol Skoyen

     Harlen & Diane Sunsdahl             Bob & Kim Twesome

     Pamela & Astley Fisher                Todd & Pat Wall

     Dan Patey                                    Chuck & Cheri Wegner

     James & Deon Spangler              Diane Jake

     Tom & Betty Barr                         Steve & Mary Jane Mabie

     Matt & Dana Biesterveld              Gary & Kay Weirauch

     Glenna Rhoades & Irv Marg        James & Karen Mohr

     Jeanette & Richard Jonas           Dr. Guy and Susan Jadarski

     Art & Jeanne Stiemke                 Jim & Anne Filitz

     Harold & Nancy Boon                 Gene & Debbie Grover

     Luke & Stacy Schilling               Ruth & Heron Van Gorden

"Sawyer" (Kristin Honigmann)

"Chevy" (Keith Jensen)

Marcella (Sally) Hastreiter (Mary Burkholtz)

Viv and Mary Carteron, my grandparents. (Denise Spangler)

"Lucas", "Mindy" and "Molly" (George and Beth Ham

Tammy Becker (Barb and Steve Miller)

Willard "Billy" White (Patrice Fendley) 

"Junior", our 4th Greyhound, who passed on 11/01/2012. (Tim and Carla Voigt)

Joan Fredrickson, died Dec 27, 2012 (Kathleen Turner)

Mary Wiese (Dale and Shirley Majerus)

Kristine Ellenbecker (Dale and Shirley Majerus)

Virginia Hederer (Kenneth Pocholke)

David Hoeser (June Hoeser)

Shirley Zellner (Darlene Michalski)

Sue Carlisle (Megan Kendrick)

Tammy Becker (Kathleen Turner)

"Jasper" my grand-dog, a Chocolate Lab mix. (Pat McDowell)

"Max", "Bubba", "Bufford", "Abbey", "Benney", "Bob", and "Moe". (Dixie Degenhardt)

Clarence Mattes, my husband. (Mary Lou Mattes)

Eleonora Moen, my mother, who died 10/10/12. She visited CCHS often. (Jeff Moen)

our nephew, Dan Neuendorf (Susie and Russell Karl)

Henry Swansby (Joan Dyer)

Susie Strobel (Harriet Broom)

"TinkerBell" - we miss you. Love, Mommy, Daddy and the kids. (William and Danette Schwantes)

Eldon Helm and "Jet", his dog. (Jan Rasmussen)

Tammie Backaus (Jan Rasmussen)

Jim Ruedel (Melva Saliny)

"Vinnie" fka "York", a CCHS adoptee. (Carolyn and Peter Manz)

Don Wittkamp (Brett George)

"Bugsy" (Betty Fleming)

"Lovebug", adopted early 2002, passed away Spring 2011. (Chris and Wendy Ferstenou)

Judy A Schmitt, who loved all animals. (The Kilty and Schmitt Families)

Ed Schoen (Harlen and Diane Sunsdahl)

My Bassett/Beagle, "Suzy" (Sue Englebretson)

Judith M Wells (Bill, Marcia, Karen, Ken, Dawn, Tyler, Olivia and Kaden Horn)

"Rocky", "Duke" and "Delta" (Susan and Harley Timmerman)

Mike Klinke (Margaret Smith)

Our shared Beagle "Lucy's" dad, Tim McQuade. (Linda Hemp)

Virginia Hederer (Ruth Jacobson)

Virginia Hederer our mother, grand-mother and great grand-mother. (Bonnie and Dale Hoernke)

Virginial Hederer (Don and Eunice Daenicke)

Tammy Becker (Harlen and Diane Sunsdahl)

"Fuzzy" (William and Judith Haas)

Dot Sebotta's cat (Micki Reil)

"Tip Toe" (Greg and Jean Mancil)

"George Elroy" our 13+ yr old St Bernard, AKA the world's biggest marshmallow. (Penny and Jenny Polhemus)

My husband Don, my son Gary and my buddy "Burdock" (Gerry Scharf)

My dog "Dusty", died August 2011. (Valeria Quirt)

"Sundance" my friend, a companion for 13 years. We will meet at the Rainbow Bridge. (Dick Grum)

Eldred Tesmer (Joanne Tesmer)

"Teddy Bear" Wendt (Carl and Phyllis Wendt)

"Kaiser" (Sybil and Gus Basombrio)

"GNMA (Ginnie Mae)" (Sybil and Gus Basombrio)

Henry Swansby (Audrey Pucek)

Harland Schultz (Beverly Schultz)

"Hermes" (Richard and Robbie Berg)

Louis J Brey 
            Herbert and Caroline Spatz
            Debbie Hurst
            Joy Bigelow
            Lyle and Sharon Roteik
            David and Glenda Henning

Robert Rizer (Powerlink)

"Lombardi", 14 years, missed terribly. (Eugene Gisvold)

"Alexandra (Ali)" (Dale and Shirley Majerus

"Bear" and " Sam" (Steve and Nancy Trierweiler)

Our girl, "Myah" (Scott and Cathy Haines)

Eldon Helm and his dog "Jet" (Jan Rassmussen)

Don and Darlene Mikolainis (Robert Mikolainis)

Lorraine Urlaub (Mary and Vern Wilczyk)

"Maggie" a sweet dog who loved everyone. (Jon and Janet Wiemann)

"Katie" and "Kirby" (Barb and Steve Miller)

Henry Swansby (Joan Dyer)

Donald Wittkamp ( Jo Ann Mueller)

My cat "Taz" (Rita Jankee)

Randy Weiler (Marilyn Weiler)

Paul Smriga (Don and Donna Sypniewski)

My mom, Dagne Wing, and in memory of Alfa Holm and Laddie Haas - Withee Class of 1934 (Victor Kordish)

"Teddie" who died at the age of 20 years and 2 months. (Shirlee Moen)

Huntz and Don Schiesel Family (Evie Schiesl)

My parents, Bernhardt H and Effie (Alt) Peterson (Bernadine Peterson)

"Kahlua" adopted many years ago from CCHS (Vicky Campbell)

Carol Short, who gave me my love for animals. (Chelsea Opelt)

"Sabbath", always full of love. (The Cooke Family)

"Descartes's" good friend "Buddy" (John and Catherine Campbell)

Bob Lulloff. It will be 1 year Sept 24th when Bob left us. Julie Mae and I miss him terribly. (Anita Lulloff)

Robert Robertson, a good man with a big heart for animals. (Diana M Robertson)

"Jake" Harkins, beloved pet of Paul and Andrea Harkins (Mark and Mary Jane Swanson)

Violet Hansen (James and Lisa Hoese)

David Hoeser (June Hoeser)

"Ginger" and "Cosmo" cat friends of Cheryl Meyer (Carol Mroczenski)

"Shady" (Carol Mroczenski)

Laverne Bartos, mother of Julie Spiegel (Anonymous)

Violet Hansin (Friends and Family of Violet Hansen)

My former neighbors dog, "Bomber", a gentle giant Black Lab. (Katie Bass)

Sue Carlisle Jan 5th, 1956 - Oct 28th, 2012
            Mary Dick
            Donna Borofka and Laurie Lauenstein
            Michael and Judith Blackwood
            Janice Fountain

            Farm Credit of Northwest Florida

            John Mattice

"Ruby" who had the best disposition of any dog. I love you and miss you. (Pat Struble)

"Sammy", a dear little soul, forever missed (Chuck & Cheri Wegner)

"Sammy" (Scott and Linda Thomas)

Dorothy Marg.  She loved animals. (Marcus and Carla Bremer)

Marie Weber (Shirley and Randy Tesmer)

Sylvia Blasel (Sylvia Blasel Family)

Lilly Gungor (Harlen & Diane Sunsdahl)

"Prince" (Ernert Olivarriz)

"My girl, LaVerne" (Ellen Gordon)

Tom Scheuer (Roger & Linda Dietel)

Leo Stewart, father of Pat Braun (Gregory & Ardis Grossbach)

My mother, Nancy L Stock (Andrea Richards)

Gary Vollrath (Judy Vollrath)

David Henchen

            Leroy & Leeann Krall

            Carol Schaub

            Jerry Johnson

            Amber Pischer

            Margaret Shoemaker

            Steve & Donna Johnson

            Charlotte Gress

            Ed & Nancy Tresemer

            Tim & Lori Tresemer

            Clarence Schlinkert

            Wilbert & Dorothy Henchen

            Julia & Ed Henchen

            Clara & Tom Djubenski

            David & Janet Skif

            Harland & Frances Larson

Robert J Nelson

            Kyle & Gail Karstaedt

            James & Nancy Neumann

            Donald & Christine Hayward

            Sharon & Gary Schulte, Roy Schulte Jr., Lee & Judy Schulte, Rick & Sandy Schulte

            Vicki Krueger

            Bill and Gina Krzyzanowski

"Milo" our wonderful cat who strayed into our lives and stayed with us for 18 years. (Sally Sadowska)

My faithful Schnauzer, "Noah", who lives forever in my heart (Wanda Stacke)

My little black & silver Schnauzer who loved opening her Christmas gifts (Emilie Meier)

"Foxy Biloxi", our hearts miss you every day (Cheri & Chuck Wegner)

"Britta" - hunting companion and friend to Cathy and Merlyn (Carol and Steve Hemersbach)

"Rufus" - beloved cat of Kathryn and Eddie (Carol and Steve Hemersbach)

"Ebony" - beloved cat, "the ruler of River Ridge Farm" (Carol and Steve Hemersbach)

Walter and Mona Horban (Sandy Winch)

Bruno (Jeff Adler)

Schatzi & Jack (Chad & Kelly Thompson)

"Sugar Bear" (AKA Infinity) (Larry & Lisa Rybicki)

In honor and memory of Mary Bart, a good friend to animals and people alike (Margo Berg and Mary's canine pal 'Gracie')

Tippy, Polly, Penny, Rusty and Buster (Mary Kay, Jim & Katie Mills)

Butch & Sundance Crowder (Harvey & Ruth Witt)

Ruby Meihack (Harlen & Diane Sunsdahl)

Jim Ruedel (Melva Saliny)

Harriet Keller (Kay Weirauch)

Gina & my Borhter-in-Law Alan Hart (Jerry Knetter)

Alicia Todd (Barb Ballutt)

Leo and Gertrude Henchen (Carol Schaub)

"Dreyfus", Betty & Tom Barr's beloved dog (Tom & Betty Barr)

My animal loving brother:  Carl Chevedden Jr. (Judith Chevedden)

Don & Gary Scharf (Gerry Scharf)

Honoring our cats & dogs lost.  Miss them all. (Ron Wilbur)

"Mindy" & "Tangie", beloved Cockers (Andrew & Arlene Smith)

Dagne E Wing (my Mom), Alfa Holm, Laddie Haas - all from the Withee Class of '34 (Victor Kordish)

Please remember Tiger, Jack, Smokey, Spooky (John Andrews)

Our dog "Winston".  He spent his time with us and Jon & Julie Counsell (Charles & Mary Counsell)

Harland W Schultz - Thorp (Beverly Schultz)

Henry Swansby (Joan Dyer)

Don Mikolainis (Robert Mikolainis)

"Maddie" (Natalie VanHove)

Alice Spieles (Anonymous)

"Jammer" and "Tommy", my 2 cats who have crossed over the Rainbow Bridge (Alice Peterson)

Our cats, "Alan" & "Eugene", brothers with cerebellum hypoplasia (Carla Zimmerman)

My Husband, Clarence Mattes, passed away 10-10-98 (Mary Lou Mattes)

Kathy Becker who loved all God's creatures - especailly Kitties. (Beverly Kramer)

"Queenie" (Joyce Erickson)

Valetta Kamps, who was a real animal lover! (Dixie Degenhardt)

"Trouble" and "Socks" (Virginia Miller)

Alan Hart (Susan and Gary Davis)

Vincent, Craig and Troubles (Irene Frane)

Jim Yule (Betty Yule)

Tom Querin (Mary Querin)

My wonderful cat "Scrappy" (Sara Hauck)

"Izzy" (Terry & Annette Marty)

My husband Fred J. Barr (Bernyce Barr)

David Hoeser (June Hoeser)

"Shot" Campbell (Erika Kurasz)

"Riley", a good friend and a wonderful pet (Sandra Krueger)

"Katie" Wiemann, our little girl (John & Janet Wiemann)

Robert Lulloff (Harlen & Diane Sunsdahl)

Magaret (Peggy) Sparks (Louise Greenlaw)

Mike Klinke

            John Gerold & Geri Lesch Gerold

            My brother - Peg Smith

            Donald & Nancy Jo Garner

            Ron & Philan Scharf

            Terry & Nina Wobken

            Kenneth & Glenda Speich

            James & Judith Metzke

            Carole Klinke

            Steve & Elizabeth Bayuk

            William & Elizabeth Giese

Alan Hart

            John & Carol Skaden

            Sterile Products 3B3, Marshfield Clinic

            Nancy Esser

            Lisa Helstein

            The girls from the BC Tourneys & friends from Jack's Bar

            David & Glenda Henning

            Sue Johnson

            Roxanne Thiede

            Richard & Jean Fischer

            Lance & Janet Roth

            Jeanne Stiemke

            M. & Mrs. James Adler

Richard "Shot" Campbell

            Adam, Michelle, Landin & Mary Slemec                        Arlee Hediger

            Art & Meg Schroeder                                                     Art & Sandy Cram and Ella Butterfield

            Barb Millard                                                                   Bob & Janie Holman

            Bob & Rose & Beverly Knoop                                       Bonnie Carl

            Brian & Marcia Eddy Family                                          Bruce & Betty Boyer

            Butch & Brenda Wallace                                               Butch Subke & Family

            Cindy Krone Family                                                       Crissy B, Lisa, Cole & Mackenzie

            Dale & Debbie Olson & family                                       Diane Murphy

            Dick & Janette "Nette" Jonas                                        Duane & Michelle Podrovitz

            Coworkers of Erika Kurasz                                            Eugene & Beverly Bryan

            Frank & Charlotte Oldham                                             Gary & Kay Weirauch

            Gene & Sue Gurney                                                      Gene, Sandy, Darick & Matt Sitzman

            Hanna & Bernie Opelt                                                    Heidi Carlson

            Herman Seebandt & Pat Acheson                                 James & Kathleen Northup

            Janice Knudsen                                                             Jerry & Pat Suckow

            Jim & Jeanette Zschernitz Family                                  Karen Zschernitz, Gary Beyer, Randy Mohr

            Karlene Wallace                                                             Kathy Tozer

            Kelly & Sandy Aderhold                                                 Kristy & Jeff Sischo

            Lab Accounting - Barb, Barb & Brooke                          Larry Nickel & Lisa Tilson & Family

            Laura Lee Zank                                                              Lee & Joan Kurasz

            Leona                                                                             Luann Pyan

            Mary Sue & Larry Kyle                                                   Michele Ruesch

            Mr. & Mrs. Larry Kosmosky & Family                             Nathan & Rusty

            Pepse & Mary Sekola                                                    Philip & Jackie Weichelt

            Rhonda Rendmeister                                                     Rick & Sherlene Oldham

            Rick, Tracy, Kaylee & Branden                                      Ron & Jeanne Aumann

            Shari & Dave                                                                 Steve & Donna Johnson

            Steve, Margaret, Steff, Jeremy & famili                         Terry & Annette Marty

            The Craft Group                                                             The DuBois Family

            The Vradenburg Family                                                  Tom & Debbie Drescher

            Tony Holman Tammy & Cody                                         Kwik Trip Family

Dr. James Nickerson (Louise Greenlaw)

Milton Schoenfeld (Kathleen Turner)

Milton Schoenfeld (Barb & Steve Miller)

Elliana Jo Johnson "who loved kitties"

            Sheila Nyberg

            Stu & Lori Waltonen

            Jim & Sara Bloczynski

            Adam & Kay Brubaker

            Ellie, who loved kitties --- Our deepest sympathies to Karen & Glenn Linzmeier,

                        her beloved grandparents (Corporate Communications Dept., Marshfield Clinic)

My sister, Mary Ann McKenna.  She dearly loved all animals. (Agnes McCall)

Lorraine E. Urlaub, passed away May 28, 2011

            Billie Jean Gannon

            Lil McCarty

            Beverly & Gene Bryan

            Janice Suckow

            Virginia Marg

            Barb & Ron Trunkel

            Charlene & Jon Siebert

            Margaret Nemitz & JoAnn Roycraft

Knute Wallin (Harlen & Diane Sunsdahl)

Yvonne Kirn (Harlen & Diane Sunsdahl)

Harriet Keller (Harlen & Diane Sunsdahl)

"Tigger" beloved pet of Tammy (Mary Beth Berg)

"Melvin" beloved pet of Rita & Art (Mary Beth Berg)

Patti Lang (Donald & Penny Nikolai)

Blanche Beyer (Jackie & Jim Schecklman)

A faithful friend & companion, "Gunnar" Zierher 2011 (Gerianne Zieher)

A faithful friend & companion, "Sam" Trierweiler (Gerianne Zieher)

My father - Raymond Grell – he loved animals (Ken & Nancy Schmidt)

Delores Mundt (Therese, Paul & Greta Medil-Westegaard)

Forest Larson (Gordon & Kathy Wells)

James Spiegel (Harlen & Diane Sunsdahl)

"Spot", best friend of Dave Missling (Allan & Janis Missling)

"Shady" (Cheryl Meyer)

Matt Olson (Members of Colby High School Class of 1999)

David Henchen (Friends & Family of David)

"Sabrina" and "Cindy" (Richard & Bevan Laird)

"Freckles" Sadowska (Sally Sadowska)

"Bruno" (Jeff Adler)

Our pets "Bailey" and "Bucky" (Steve & Vicki Bersheim)

Esther Goetsch (Jan Rasmussen)

Dell Marine (Zach Marine)

Dell Marine (Friends and Family of Don & Dell Marine)

"All Star" (Erin Grant)

"Tailer" (Judy Zettler)

Carl Chevedden Jr. - always an animal lover and advocate (Judith Chevedden)

My husband, Harland Schultz (Beverly Schultz)

Dagne Wing, Withee Class of '34 (Victor Kordish)

Edith Backus (Walter Backus)

My cat "Ashes", died 11/23/10 (Joan Stafen)

Leo & Gertrude Henchen (Carol Schaub)

"Molly" beloved pet of Jenny Voight (Ellen Stanley)

"Teddy" (Buddy Bear) gone too soon - dearly loved & missed (Ron & Lena Wilbur)

Jim Ruedel (Melva Saliny)

 "Emma" and "Maude" our mini-dachshunds (Fred & Lois Kieser)

Henry Swansby (Joan Dyer)

Tammy Backaus (Jan Rasmussen)

My husband, Donald, and my son, Gary (Gerry Scharf)

Laniece Schiesel (Dr. Ana C. Capati)

Our beloved cats, "Mariah" and "Mulligan" (Mully) (Kathleen Zeidler)

"Riley" a super dog, passed on 11-24-2010 (LaMalle Winkler)

"Buster", "Penny", "Polly" and "Rusty" (Jim, Mary Kay and Katie Mills)

"Chloe" and "Reggie" (Stacie Tollaksen)

Dell Marine (Jerome & Claudine Blum-Hamus)

"All-Star", beloved pet of the Grant family (Lynn Deuser)

James Heindl and Gerald Pinter (Shirley Majerus)

"Andi", a very special dog of Jackie Kafka (Susan, Janet & Chrissy)

"All Star'", we loved you so. (Chery Meyer)

"Princess" (Dennis & Darla Wessel)

"Sparky" (Dennis & Darla Wessel)

Dee Schultz (Dennia & Darla Wessel)

Brandon Zwieg, loving son/brother of Darwin, Ruth and Justin Zwieg (Penny & Jenny Polhemus)

Peg Urban

            Jane McCormick-Ripp

            Friends and Family

            Merlyn & Jean Kroll

            Jim & Eleanor Jordahl

            Richard & Corrine Wite

            Dr. Ana C. Capati

Viviane Hebert (Chuck & Lori Gregorich)

My little cat "Precious" and my little dog "Angel" (Belle Mazola-Imig)

Viviane Hebert (Ken & Jean Simpson)

My Mom, Mary Jane Pastor (Nancy Hindman)

"Izzy" (Terry & Annette Marty)

Viviane Hebert (Bart & Shelly Olson)

"Lucy", beloved friend of Perry & Roseann Stargardt (Richard Tierney)

Bob Szaflarski (Christine Such)

"Tiger" (Michelle Bayerle)

Jane Maio (Chuck & Cheri Wegner)

Jane E. Maio (Tom & Joan Wavrunek)

Joe Stini who passed away on September 27, 2004 (Caroline Stini)

"Bianca" the best Clark County Manx (Joan Haag)

Ernest Kissling (Virginia Spiegel & Joe Edom)

Richard Campbell (Harlen & Diane Sunsdahl)

Richard "Shot" Campbell (Barbara & David Pockat)

Jerry Carter known as the "cat man" (India Reif)

Joseph Motto Sr. (Dr. and Mrs. William Egan)

My father, Donald Wittkamp's birthday, August 19th. (JoAnn Mueller)

"Zeus" Brian Rief's dog (Denise Kann)

"Cokey", Helen Denee's dog (Denise Kann)

Louise Wren (Harlen & Diane Sunsdahl)

"Luther" (Scott & Linda Thomas)

"Luther" (Don & Linda Diers)

Doris Kredys - we miss you (Larry & Jan Turner)

Dr. Bahri Gungor (Harlen & Diane Sunsdahl)

Darol Lewis (Harlen & Diane Sunsdahl)

Alice LaVene, a wonderful person who loved people and animals (Town of York)

My friend, Cecelia Camaya (Peg Urban)

Teddy Jo Ley, a good-natured, friendly, loyal St. Bernard who will be missed by his family, Jim, Cyndi and Danielle (Joan & Micki Reil)

"Scooter" Steinbach (Wayne & Janice Kuhl)

Allen Stanley

            Friends and Family of Allen Stanley

            Celia Sturzl & David Stanley

            Roger & Janice Hamilton

            Eldon & Helen Berg

            Wayne & Janice Kuhl

            Wendell & Carol Hubing

Karen Heuer

            Cutler Cranberry Co.

            Family & Friends of Karen Heuer

            Wisconsin State Cranberry Growers Association

            Glenn & Robecca Heuer Family

Donald Wittkamp

            Mary Hotzhausen

            Randy, Shirley & Michelle Tesmer

            Vera & Kenneth Strohkirch

            Rita Neumann

            Frances & Lloyd Ziemendorf

            Nancy Kramer

            Samantha LeBlanc

            JoAnn Mueller

            Co-workers of Mary Holtzhausen at Greenwood Center - Marshfield Clinic

            Dr. Gary Janssen

            Audrey Moen

            Marshfield Clinic

            Richard & Sandy Wittkamp

Eileen Frank (Cmdr Robert and Christine Shereda)

Helen Vassey (Linda Vassey)

Frank & Alice Nauertz (Tom & Edith Nauertz)

Fern Kuehn (Tom & Mary Regner)

All my former pets.  We'll meet at the Rainbow Bridge. (Dixie Degenhardt)

Owen Haigh (Harlen & Diane Sunsdahl)

Walter Welgos (Dan & Maureen Welgos)

Kenneth H Cooke (Marshfield Clinic ENT Department Coworkers and Friends)

"Mara" (Tom Nauertz Family)

Carol Vick (Susan Vick)

Mary Ellen Johnson

            Chuck & Cheri Wegner

            Dr Ana Capati

            Harold & Nancy Boon

            My Grandma, Mary Ellen Johnson (Nathon Krall)

            Friends and Family

            Dave & Audrey Vradenburg

            James & Diana Rogala

            Marsha Ledman

            Donna M Smith

            Larry, Lori & Kayla Buffington

            Dale, Jodi, Chris, Erin & Hannah Plughoeft

            Don & Hazel Plughoeft

            Nathan Krall

Mary Benson

            Larry Scheuer

            Joan Richmond

            Our co-worker (Wendy Moore)

            Marcy & Brian Gotz

            Beth Strohman

            Karen & Ken Seehafer

            Judy Papke

            Alvera Gottschalk

Dale Bartkowiak (Barbara Bartkowiak)

Robert Robertson (St. Joseph's Hospital)

"Smokey" forever a friend (Tom & Edith Nauertz)

Elroy Gottschalk (Alvera Gottschalk)

"Cooper" (J Beverly Kramer)

"Furperson Rookie", always the tough little gentleman (Gramma Ede)

Robert Robertson, for his love of animals (Diana M Robertson)

David Hoeser (June Hoeser)

Betty Lenz (Evelyn Silkey & Marilyn Sigler)

"Tattoo", my sweetest baby kitty - we miss you.  May 12, 1997 - June 3, 2009 (Diane Jake)

Bernita Wegner

            Joan Haag

            Scott & Alicia Klueckmann

            Bernita Wegner. Such a loving soul, a great woman of our time. (Diane Jake)

            Marc & Mary Beth Schultz

            Gene & Pat Langreck

            Gerry Scharf

            Marian Linster

            Aunt Nita (Barb & Don Henzlik Family)

            Aunt Nita (Kay & Milt Delonay Family)

            Eilene Ribbens

            Don & Linda Diers

            Scott & Linda Thomas

            Dawn Durham

            A special lady. (Virginia Weirauch)

Our beloved "Babe Ruth" (Don & Linda Diers)

Otto & Barbara Lindner (Edith & Tom Nauertz)

Robert Debevec

            Pat & Michael Sixel

            Cathleen Debevec

            Richard & Corrine Witte

            Our Dad, Robert Debevec, who passed away 1-4-10 (Laura Debevec Schultze, Marjorie Debevec-Marksteiner, Sandra Debevec Hisey, Susan Debevec

            Margaret Smith

Ruth Holman

            Shot & Erika Kurasz

            Fred & Georgene Kunze

            Donna Jean Peterson

            Jens & Jill Vosseteig

            Dan & Emile Miller

            Robert & Edith Kunze

            David & Kay Vosseteig

            Harlan & Catherine Schnabel

            Alex Saverda & Joel Berens

            Dolores Johnson

            Diane Jake

My sister, Marie Buchholtz (Caroline Stini)

Bill Steaffens (Don & Linda Diers)

"Bailey", "Bucky" and "Roxie" Borsheim.  All passed in 2009. (Steve & Vicki Borsheim)

My Mother, Nancy L Stock.  You are in my thoughts always.  I miss you more today than yesterday. (Andrea Richards)

"Bandit Rose" and In honor of "Buddy Walker" (The Wensel Family)

Shirley Beck (Dave Beck)

"Big Tom", "Ringo" and "Mittens" (Emilie Wanders)

"Stripurr" Voigt.  My fat little Tripe Tripe. (Carla Voigt)

Shirley Speirs

            Don & Linda Diers

            Chuck & Cheri Wegner

            Scott & Linda Thomas

Loren.  He loved all the "Dogs and Kit Cats" (Cheryl Meyer)

Loren Page, adopted Grandpa of Cheryl Meyer (Carol Mroczenski)

Our wonderful dog "Bonnie", we miss you so much. (John & Mavis Langton)

Dr Nazario R Capati and Anne Marie Capati (Dr. Ana Capati)

Blanch Motto (Joe & Joy Motto)

Julius and Henrietta Hagedorn who loved animals (Pat Strangfeld)

"Rock", "Duke" and "Delta" and in honor of "Freida" (Harley & Sue Timmerman)

"Sara" (Steven & Barbara Brommer)

Ron (Bullet) Anderson (Mom & Dad, Velda & Harvey Anderson)

Mary Wessel (C. Maggie Snyder)

My son Gary Scharf, my husband Don Scharf, and Burdock, my good buddy for 5 years, adopted from CCHS (Gerry Scharf)

All our furry "angels" past and present (Keith & Marilyn Tober)

"Buster", "Penny", "Rusty", "Polly" and "Oreo" (Jim, Mary Kay & Katie Mills)

All our cats that have gone to Kitty Heaven (Mr. and Mrs. James C Clark and Sally)

Arleine Tollefsrud, a caring, loving person who strongly believed in taking care of all of God's creatures.  She is greatly missed by her daughter, Mary, and beloved dogs:  Filbert, Bitzy, Amos, Curly, Ole, and Lady. (Mary Tollefsrud)

"Mr. Pouncer", our friend and companion. (Virginia Spiegel & Joseph Edom)

"Anna" beloved cat of Amy Thurston (John Thurston)

Carl Moen, my dad, and Dawn Moen, my daughter (Jeff Moen)

"Freckles" and "Brandi", two wonderful dogs (Wayne & Janice Kuhl)

Kristy Lynn Franz.  She loved all animals.  We miss her so much. (Don and April Franz)

"Tuffy" and "Muffy" (Lowell & Jana Gesche)

"Scooter" my companion for 16 1/2 years (JoAnn Wren)

Joseph H Stini (Caroline A Stini)

"Duke" Shelton` (Serena Shelton)

Marianne Schorr (Louise Greenlaw)

Bob Winemiller (Louise Greenlaw)




These memorials are a wonderful way to remember a beloved person or pet who is no longer with us.  All memorial donations are listed here on our website, and any of $100.00 or more are engraved on the beautiful brass and oak plaques that are displayed at the Shelter.  You may make a memorial donation by going to the "Donate Now!" page of the website, where you can make a secure online donation.  Thank you!

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