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Join the team at CCHS!

Thank you for wanting to join our Volunteer Family and become one of our Pet Loving People™!  There are many, many ways that you can be a volunteer with CCHS.  From providing dog and cat care to helping with a fundraiser, there's something for everyone to do!  Please complete the form below to get started.  You'll notice that there are fifteen teams listed at the end of the form, which are the volunteer areas you can sign up for.  Complete details about each of the teams will be provided at your Volunteer Orientation.  Submit this form to get started, and we'll get in touch to get your Volunteer Orientation scheduled. 

Volunteers must be at least 16 years old and have a driver's license.  Volunteers under the age of 16 must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian at all times.  If under the age of 12, special approval must be obtained from Shelter Management before participation in volunteer activities is permitted. 

We have now come to realize that there are many "Clark Counties" in the country!  Please be aware that we are located in Neillsville, Wisconsin, when you are considering signing up to be a volunteer.  Thank you!
Please be sure to "tab" between the fields.  Using the "enter" or "return" key will submit your application before you're done.

State (We are located in Wisconsin!!)
Do you live in Wisconsin?
Zip Code
Phone Number
Alternate Phone
Email address
Are you 18 or older?
If you are less than 18, please indicate how old you are and if you have a driver's license.
If under age 16, will a parent be coming with you?
Why do you wish to volunteer? Please explain your reasons in the box to the right. Then check the boxes below that interest you the most.
Please describe any special skills you have which may help us out at the Shelter!
What days are you available to volunteer?
On these days, what hours are you available to volunteer?
Team Dog
Team Cat
Team Walk
Team Clean
Team Ride
Team Therapy
Team Transport
Team Play
Team Follow-Up
Team Media
Team Outreach
Team Adoption Fair
Team Fundraising
Team Foster Care
Team Upkeep


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