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The report you are about to send is going to the Clark County Humane Society in Neillsville, Wisconsin. 
Thank you for visiting our website to report the pet that you have either lost or found.  Please follow the instructions below to report the information. 
While we have previously had forms to fill out and submit here on our website, we have recently discovered a computer glitch and the forms are not coming through to us!!  Therefore, until we can resolve the problem, please send us an email to  Please include all of the information we have listed below, and be as specific as you can.  We have hundreds of animals reported lost or found in our area each year, so you must be as accurate as possible.  Any little detail will help! 
Please include:
                        If this a pet you lost or found?
                        Cat or Dog? 
                        Pet's name
                        Spayed or Neutered?
                        Color and Markings
                        Any unusual features
                        Did pet have a collar and/or tags?
                        Your name
                        Street Address and City
                        Name of Township you live in
                        Phone number(s)
                        Where pet was lost, when lost, and how
Including a photo is the best possible way to identify a pet.  If you have one available, please include with your email.  You can also send a photo to:  CCHS, PO Box 127, Neillsville, WI  54456.  Please be sure to include your name and the pet's name when you send your photo.
If you are contacting us about an animal you have found, please do not just "show up" at the Shelter with the animal.  We are a no-kill Shelter and space is limited, so you must call ahead to see if we have room if you wish to bring the pet in.
Before submitting the information, please understand we do the best we can to find matches, however, without any tags, or microchip, matches sometimes are impossible and CCHS cannot be held responsible.  This report will be kept on file for three months.  If you find the lost pet, you must let us know so that you can be removed from our watch lists and also let us know if you'd like to get a microchip for permanent identification of your pet.  Thank you!

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