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There are many, many ways that you can help us with our fundraising efforts at CCHS.  Some of our current programs include:


Aluminum cans are one of our very best fund raisers.  We've been collecting them for many years.  In fact, the proceeds from our first ten years of collection were used to blacktop our driveway and parking lot!  It's amazing what saving can accomplish!  We ask that you help us out by saving your aluminum soda or beer cans and bringing them to the Shelter.  It doesn't matter if they are crushed or not, as long as they are bagged securely.  If we are closed, you may leave them by the garage door.  We encourage our members to drink a lot!!

Used ink or toner cartridges from your printer can be recycled at CCHS!  We are able to accept the cartridges and we recycle them through Office Max to raise funds for supplies for CCHS.  Please bring the cartridges to CCHS during any of our open hours and we'll be happy to turn them into cash for CCHS!  (Note:  The cartridges must be taken to Office Max by Shelter staff only.)


The Kwik Rewards Fund-Raising program can help benefit CCHS! With every purchase on your Kwik Card, a donation will be made to the Shelter. Once approved to participate in the program, you'll earn a Kwik Rewards discount of 3 cents per gallon on every gallon of fuel you purchase with your Kwik Card. You can earn 10% on your in-store purchases.  You can then designate CCHS to receive the amount of your account's quarterly earned Kwik Rewards discount. It really adds up and can really help make a difference!
If you'd like to participate, please visit any of the local Kwik Trip stores for a Kwik Card application and a Kwik Rewards Fund-Raising Designation postcard. You can also contact Kwik Trip, Inc., at 888-736-KWIK. You can also apply online. Just click here to visit Kwik Trip's web site.


Rewards Fundraising is a subsidiary of D.D. Industries, located in Chicago.  This company offers wonderful rawhide products for your dog.  They manufacture their own rawhide treats right here in the U.S.A.!  These treats are of a much higher quality for your dog, and are much healthier, too.  Because they are better quality, they also last much longer.    We are registered with Rewards Fundraising as a charity, so when you go online to make a purchase, you can also select CCHS as your charity.  We then receive 25% of all purchases you make there!  Their website is  You can just click on their logo above to go to their website.  This company is also very generous, in that they donate a new rawhide treat for each of our Shelter dogs to take with them to their new home when they are adopted.  We thank them very much for their support!


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