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One of the areas we're most proud of at CCHS is "Kitty City".  This is a 30 X 32' room filled with climbing posts and kitty toys.  There are also lots of kitty beds to snuggle in.  Kitties have windows to watch the people come and go, the dogs being walked, and the birds having a snack. 
Kitties living in Kitty City have been wormed, vaccinated, blood-tested, and most are spayed or neutered.  They must be able to get along and play nice with the other kitties.   Once all of those qualifications are met, the kitties are able to live in Kitty City until they find their new family. 
Below are some pictures of Kitty City and the residents enjoying all of the features.  We are very proud to be able to provide this environment for our kitties.  They are able to make friends and socialize with other cats, and have much more freedom to exercise and play.  We believe this allows our visitors to see their true personalities and helps in the process of selecting a new friend. 

Kitty City is really just one big cat playland!

A beautiful cat tree was recently donated to CCHS. The cats just love it!

"Squeeky" gets a much needed cat nap.

"Boots" & "Socks" spend a quiet moment together

"Zoomie" says 'Come visit Kitty City anytime!!'

"Connor" and "Joey" spend the afternoon napping together.

Cats enjoy Kitty City 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

"Connor", "Kelly", and "Owow" have become a new family in Kitty City.

Here one of our kitties, Sterling, reclines atop the Kitty Tree.

Kitties get lots of exercise in Kitty City

Please stop down and visit us at CCHS.  All of the residents in Kitty City will be very happy to see you!

Photos and Material Copyright © 2005 - 2018 by Clark County Humane Society. All Rights Reserved.