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Some of the residents at the Shelter are very special and unique individuals. They may have experienced some difficult times in their lives, and their path to the Shelter may not have been an easy one. They may require extensive veterinary care on their way to recovery.  Therefore, these are the adoptions that are more difficult. These pets will need extra love and care, but given the opportunity, their potential to change your life is unlimited! These are some of the "extra special" friends we have had at the Shelter recently and while these particular pets may have found homes, there are always more who need your extra love. If you see some that you are interested in, please contact us by phone (715 743-4550) or email ( and let us know.


My Story: Hello there! My name is Ralphie, and I'm a very special kitty! I was found as a stray and I had a very severe eye injury and infection. They did surgery, but they were not able to save my right eye. I may only have one eye now, but I make up for it by being the sweetest, most loving kitty you'll ever find! I'm a neutered male, and am 1 1/2 years old (born 5/2/06). I have a handsome short-haired coat of white and orange. I'm living in Kitty City here at the Shelter, and I'm just having a fabulous time! There are all kinds of toys to play with and comfy furniture to sleep on. But the best part is that I have lots of friends. I'm a very social guy, so I love to play with the other kitties here. I also love to have visitors! Lots of people come to see the kitties in Kitty City, and I'm also the first one to greet everybody! I'm always hoping they'll take a few moments to pet and cuddle with me. I'm just sure that one of these times it will be my new family coming to take me home! My eye is completely healed after my surgery, and there will be no lingering problems. I'm a great guy looking for a great new home!

Update:  We're happy to report that Ralphie has been adopted!  He was very fortunate to find a great new family at one of our adoption fairs and has found his new forever home.   


My Story: I'm Barney, and I'm a great guy! I came to the Shelter when my elderly owner could no longer care for me. I was sad to have to leave, but everyone here at the Shelter has been really nice to me. I'm a short-haired black and white kitty. I'm a neutered male, and am about two years old. I love absolutely everybody! I'm very talkative, and just crave any attention I can get. I love to cuddle and I love tummy rubs, too. Now, to be honest, I do have one little problem. When I was a little younger I was involved in a car accident. Basically, that means I was hit by a car. I lost my tail in the accident. I also suffered some nerve damage. I get around just fine, but I happen to have a 'leakage' problem. When I'm relaxed, a small amount of urine leaks out while I'm sleeping. The veterinarian examined me, and said that there is inexpensive medication available that would help to strength my sphincter muscles to eliminate the problem. So if you'd have to be willing to give me daily medication, but I know that I'm worth it! I get along great with everybody, including cats, dogs, birds and children. I'm an extremely loving cat who wants nothing more in life than to cuddle with you. If you have the heart and home for a very special kitty, please apply to adopt me.

Update:  Barney has been adopted!!  One of our very special volunteers fell in love with Barney and decided to give him a wonderful new home.  We're all so happy for Barney!


My Story: My name is Cuddles, and I need to find a really, really special home. I am an absolute sweetheart and just crave being petted and cuddled. That's why I'm called "Cuddles"! I also happen to be blind. It's really quite sad, as I'm only eight months old. But at the home where I used to live, there were lots and lots of cats. Every spring they put up a sign next to the road that says "Free Kittens". It's kind of scary. I would watch my nieces, nephews, and cousins be taken by people I'd never seen before and knew nothing about. I just hope they are all OK. I'm not sure if it was a good or bad thing, but nobody wants a blind kitty. It's not my fault that I can't see. Because there were so many cats around, my previous owners didn't vaccinate us. I was one of the unfortunate ones to get an eye infection called chlamydia. It could have been prevented by a simple vaccine. Then, to make matters worse, one of my eyes was injured and I lost that eye. But I really don't blame anybody for my problems. I figure you have to make the best of what you're given. And I've decided that being a sweet, cuddly kitty is the best way to compensate for my lost vision. What I'm looking for now is someone who can look past my blindness to see the wonderful kitty underneath. I'll probably do best in a rather quiet home, as very young children or dogs would scare me when I couldn't see them. I'd love to spend time cuddling on the couch or sleeping on the foot of your bed. I don't need much, just somebody to make sure I'm safe and loved. In return, I promise to give you all the love I've got in my heart. If you you think you could give me the kind of home I need, please apply to adopt me!
Update:  We're happy to report that Cuddles has been adopted and was able to go to his new home in time for Christmas!


My Story: My name is Higgins, and I was found as a stray and brought here to CCHS. I had a pretty rough time as a stray, so I'm really happy to be at the Shelter now where I'm safe and cared for.

I'm a male Black Lab mix. I'm an older guy, estimated to be 8 years old. I had lots of ticks when they found me, so that was really yucky. As a result, I have Lymes Disease and Erlychiosis. But I'm being treated for it and I'm feeling better all the time. When I first came here you could tell I wasn't feeling good. But now my tail wags all the time and I'm so happy to see people. One of the volunteers even groomed me, so now I'm looking really handsome, too. I'm a medium-sized boy, weighing 59#. I have a very sleek black coat with a little white and graying on my muzzle. I also have very soulful brown eyes that just beg you to be my friend.

I'm looking for a new home with a new family to love me. I'd prefer a more quiet lifestyle, maybe with a special doggie bed for me to sleep in? I'd really love it if you'd have a fenced yard where I can play and not have to worry about getting lost again. If you're looking for a very special new friend to share your life with, please think about adopting me.
Update:  Higgins has found his forever home where he's a happy boy!


My Story: My name is Peanut Brittle. I came to the Shelter with my friends Cuddles, Oreo and Morris. The home where we used to live had lots and lots of cats, and they decided that some of us had to move out. They put up a sign by the side of the road that said "Free Kittens". Lots of people stop to see, but they only want to get the really little cute kittens. I'm already 5 months old, so they say I'm past the 'cute' stage. Well, I think I'm still pretty cute! Unfortunately, I do need some help. There were so many kitties at my previous home that we were not getting the medical care we needed. You may have already read about my friend Cuddles who is blind. I can still see, but I do have an inguinal hernia. It's a condition from when I was born that was never taken care of. It's gotten very large now, and I'm going to need surgery soon to take care of it. The nice people here at the Shelter really want to help me, but they tell me that the surgery is going to be pretty expensive. I don't any money to help them, all I have to give is lots of love and purring. I really enjoy being with people, being petted, and purring a lot. But they say that just won't pay the vet bill. So I really, really need help. Not only do I need to find a special new home that can take care of me and love me, but the Shelter needs financial help to pay for my surgery. If you'd like to make a donation to help with my care, just click on the Click 'n Pledge Box to the right. If you think you'd like to give me that great new home I need, please submit your application. Everyone here is hoping that their are some kind, sweet, generous people out there to help me. I'm really hoping so too!!
Update: Peanut Brittle had his surgery this week, and he came through it very well!  The surgery actually turned out to be much more complicated than was originally thought.  Instead of being an inguinal hernia, there was actually a tear in his abdominal wall and his bladder had moved through that tear.  Luckily our vet was able to get everything back where it is supposed to be.  Peanut Brittle will need a lot of time to rest and recover, but he's doing wonderfully!
Update:  Peanut Brittle has been adopted to a loving home and is doing great!!


My Story: My name is Furbie, and the people here at the Shelter named me that because of my big fluffy fur coat! I'm a male Pomeranian and am about 5 years old. I was rescued from a puppy mill, where I had lived my whole life. The only purpose I had at the puppy mill was for breeding. When I wasn't good at that anymore, I was dumped. They most certainly did not take good care of me at the puppy mill. I have very severe periodontal disease. The nice veterinarian said that she will probably have to pull most of my teeth. The people here at the Shelter are hoping to raise enough money so that they can afford to have the dental work that I need so badly done soon. All I know is that it hurts really bad when I try to eat, plus everybody that pets me says that I have bad breath. So I really want to get it fixed! They say that I'm the sweetest little guy at the Shelter right now. All I know is that I still have lots of love and hope left in my heart. I've seen so many good things since I left the puppy mill, that I just know things are going to keep on getting better all the time. It really renews my doggie spirit when I see my friends being treated so nicely. All of us that came from a puppy mill are learning to trust and love again. While I know that I'm a very special dog, I also know that I am a difficult adoption. Because of my age and dental problems, most families won't want to adopt me. But, like I said, my heart is still filled with hope, so I'm going to keep wishing for that special person to give me a happy home! If you think that you have enough love in your heart to match mine, please consider adopting me!
Update Furbie had his dental surgery this week, and he did very well.  Unfortunately, his teeth were in such bad shape that all but two had to be removed.  He still has his two lower canine teeth.  Furbie is now eating canned food, as he cannot chew dry food.  Just as you would expect from such a great little dog, he is coping like a champ!  He's doing very well eating his new food, and his tail hasn't stopped wagging yet.  He's still hoping that his new family is out there somewhere!
Update:  Furbie has been adopted!!  His new parents have even brought him back to the Shelter to visit, and is doing wonderfully!  His coat is beautiful and he looks to be a very happy little fellow!!


My Story: My name is Kittles. I'm a very pretty little kitten looking for a new home. I came to the Shelter a few months ago when I got lost from my family. I was so very, very scared when I came here. Everything was new and scary and I didn't know anybody. I spent most of my time hiding in the back corner of my cage behind my litter box. I was also quite sick when I came to the Shelter, and they had to give me medicine to help me get better. I was even more scared then, as I just didn't understand what they were trying to do. Now that I'm feeling better, things are starting to look better too. I'm not so scared anymore. I actually like to be held by the nice volunteers here. I can purr really well too! As you can see in my pictures, I'm a beautiful short-haired Calico. My coat is mostly black with some white and orange. I have the prettiest tail, too. It's all black with orange on the end. I think it makes me very unique! I do have one problem that I need to tell you about. When I was lost as a stray I suffered an injury to my left eye. I'm now blind in that eye. But let me tell you, it hasn't slowed me down a bit! I love to play, and will often be found playing with the toys in my cage. I especially love the ring toy that has the little ball I can spin around and around. It can keep be busy for a long time! I also like to play with the other kitties here, especially my neighbors. While I'm still shy and can be easily startled, I just know that there's a special home out there that's filled with love and patience where I could have a chance at a normal life. If you think that's you, please submit your application to adopt me.
Update:  We're happy to report that Kittles has found a home!  We've heard that she's adjusting well to her new life!

My Story: I'm a beautiful girl who needs a special home. I came to CCHS as a stray, but most likely I was abandoned since I'm diabetic. Most people don't want to deal with that sort of problem so "out with the old, in with the new". I'm a very sweet girl, but need a calm, quiet home where I can relax. I'm very insecure and at CCHS like to hang out in a small box / bed to feel safe. I do not come up to the front of the cage, so no one has been interested in me yet since they want cats that prance along and reach out for attention. I'm just shy, but the minute you start to pet me, rub my chin & tell me how pretty I am, I begin to purr. So it's not that I'm not friendly, I'm just a shy girl who needs a special home that will love me for who I am and keep me on the special diet the vet prescribed. Hopefully my condition can be controlled through the food, but there is also a chance with diabetic cats that I may need shots as I age if I get worse, just like with people. So...if you had a diabetic cat before and can commit to that, should the problem arise, that would be ideal. However, being 5 yrs old, shy and diabetic I don't stand much chance of adoption for a very, very long time.  So even if you don't have experience but are willing ot learn in exchange for love, I'd certainly take you up on that!  And again, I may never need the shots either. CCHS has a great cat room "Kitty City" where the cats are all loose, but I cannot go in there simply because I need to stay on this diet please open your heart to a girl who needs a patient, quiet home so I don't have to live months and months more in a cage.
Update: We're so pleased to report that Catalina has been adopted!  She waited eight months to find just the right home.  But all of her patience paid off when she found the perfect new family.  She's now called "Oonagh", and we've heard back that she is doing well in her new home.  It was definitely a happy ending that was meant to be!!


My Story: I'm Tobie, and I'm a very special kitty who needs a very special home! I came to the Shelter when my Mom realized she had too many kitties and couldn't care for us all anymore. But she said I was her favorite -- please don't tell the others! I'm about four months old, and I'm a female gray Tabby. The reason that I am such a special kitty is because I was hurt when I was very young. When I was only three weeks old I accidentally fell down the stairs. I'm not sure what happened, but something in my neurological system was damaged. So now I walk kind of funny. Sometimes I do really good, but sometimes I get wobbly and I fall down. In fact, sometimes when I'm not paying attention I just tip over. I still get around OK, it just takes me a little longer than a normal kitty. But I am such a little sweetheart, everybody here at the Shelter just loves me. I just love to be cuddled and I purr all the time. I've heard several of them say that they'd love to take me home but they already have too many cats at their house. Well, that just means that I'm still looking for the perfect person to take care of me. I do eat soft canned cat food, as the dry food is just too difficult for me to chew. But I use my litter box really well. I have been around other cats, but I would do best in a quiet home without young children or dogs where I can be safe. It would also be best if I wasn't around stairs as I don't want to get hurt again. All I really want is a family to see past my wobbles to the great cat I am underneath. I have a ton of love that I'd really like to share. Do you want to share your life with me? I hope so!! If you're the home I'm looking for, please apply for me!
UPDATETobie has been adopted!  She was lucky enough to find a terrific home with wonderful people willing to work with her disability.  We're so happy for all of them!!


My Story: Emmy Lou is a super sweet little girl who deserves nothing but the best in life now. She came to us as a stray and it's absolutely AMAZING she didn't get killed by an animal or car since she's completely blind. What kind of owner lets their blind cat outdoors is beyond us...and it's not as if she waited for the door to open and then darted out since she can't see! So someone put her outside...who knows maybe the kids wanted a playful kitten instead -- we've seen it before, so "out with the old, in with the new." We figure if her 'escape' had been an accident, surely someone would have been looking for her and would have called the animal shelter. But despite her bad start, Emmy is an extra sweet girl who rarely stops purring! She will sit in her cage & purr...why? She's just such a thankful and loving girl. It would be a crime to put down such a great kitty and obviously she isn't suffering either. She's as happy as a clam exploring and being loved. It's hard to say how long she's had what we call a disability (yet we don't think she thinks of it that way!) since she walks around as if she can see. She doesn't bump into things much at all since she's great at using her whiskers to guide her. She has great hearing and even though she's about 8 years old, she has a lot of love and life left in her. We just know someone is going to be willing to open their heart and home to a less fortunate girl. She is fine with other pets...we've never heard her hiss about anything or put her ears back, but obviously needs a special home where other pets and children aren't going to run her over, chase her or scare her. She'd be ideal for an older couple or single person who wants to rescue an extra special kitty. She also needs a home that doesn't have an open staircase or steps to avoid injury , but we know just the right home is out there for our Emmy Lou! 
UPDATE: Emmy Lou has been adopted!  She found a wonderful new home just before Christmas!  We're so happy that Emmy Lou finally has a home with someone to love her!!


My Story: Shotgun, as you can tell, has had an extremely tough life! He’s a perfect example of the dangers of having cats outdoors. The poor guy we assume as shot multiple times. His would was so bad, and ripped open you could see all the way inside of him clearly. The sight was absolutely sickening to & think a human caused this kind of pain on such a sweet, innocent boy is unbelievable and unforgivable. Shotgun was immediately rushed to the vet upon arrival at CCHS. Thanks to the wonderful staff at Castlerock, who helped us during their closed hours on a weekend, so his life would be save. The poor guy’s coat was in horrible condition and beyond saving, so while he was under, they gave him a little trim, but don’t worry, he will have a beautiful coat soon!

Despite the horrible treatment us humans have caused on another living creature, Shotgun is one of the sweetest, most gentle boys you’ll find. He’s a non-stop purrer, and even showed how much he loved us when he was in tremendous pain the day he arrived. Once healed, this wonderful boy will be ready to find his forever family where he will be guaranteed to never be hurt again.

If you would like to help an innocent boy who was suffering at no fault of his own, please donate so we can cover his medical expenses. The easiest way of dealing the problem would have been not to even accept him since our facility was jammed full with cats, plus he was out of our county, but we couldn’t turn our back and let him suffer any longer. We also could have had him put down for a few dollars. But CCHS is here to save lives and give everyone a chance at a great new life. Shotgun caused us $300 in medical care, and that was with a large donation from Castlerock vet. If you can sponsor him, he would sure appreciate it! If we are able to raise more money that his vet bills so far, we will put that in our “special needs / emergency fund” for other animals in similar situations as him. Unfortunately, his story happens far too often in society now amongst animals, and without donations, we simply cannot afford the expensive medical care to “patch them back up”. Please consider donating a few dollars for him, and his future furry friends! Thank you from the bottom of all our hearts!!
Update:  We're thrilled to tell you that Shotgon has been adopted!  He has found a wonderful new family to love him and to give him a great home.  To see a picture of Shotgun with his new mom, please check out our Happy Homes page.  Thank you so very much for all of the support that Shotgun received.  He never would have survived on his own.  The help that we received enabled him to recover and find a wonderful future.  Thank you so very much! 


My Story: Hello Everyone! I'm Triton and I'm a very special needs boy. Is there someone who can give me the love I need? Not only did I come in with frost & fly bitten ears, I had horrible, horrible stomach problems that had gone untreated for quite some time. I was in a lot of pain & it wasn't fair. Imagine being so cold in the winter your ear tips freeze off & have flies chew off even more in the hot summer weather. It was sad, but I just know someone is going to fall in love with my great disposition! It's amazing I even trust people since upon arrival I had multiple bullet wounds shot into me. Can you believe it? I had a hole in my head, and several in my legs & feet! There was a lot of pain, but CCHS has spent a ton of money getting me fixed up because I'm worth it. I came in such a sad, spirit crushed boy, who is now always smiling & willing to out for a walk! I now love life again and am certainly not ready to cross the rainbow bridge yet...but had I gone to any other shelter, chances are I would have been put down right away simply due to my age alone. Yes, I know I’m not "highly adoptable", but does that mean I'm not worth loving? All it takes is one family to come forward and rescue that you, pleeeease? You're probably wondering why someone would give up a dog at my age, but I really am glad they did since CCHS promised me soft, fluffy dog beds to snuggle on & lots of love & kisses in my future. I am about 9 yrs old, housebroken and know the basic commands, leash walk excellent and have a beautiful snow white coat! I'm a medium to large shepherd mix and am just as lovable as they come! I like to sleep in your bed at night if you let me, and really want nothing more than an easy going, loving home. I'm very good with children, but would need to be placed with children who aren't going to be pulling on me or too rough. Why? Life had been even worse for me than CCHS would have guessed. Could it get worse you wonder? I was sadly just diagnosed with not only Lymes disease, but also, heartworm. Had my owners only taken better care of me I wouldn't have needed all this medical care. I am under treatment, but due to the Lymes my legs aren't going to allow me to go running miles with you anymore. Due to the huge amount of money CCHS has spent on me, I certainly need families to sponsor me with donations...could you spare a little change? I pretty much drained the "special needs" fund, so please contribute so they can continue helping more pets like me, who are sadly far too common. To make it easier, you can even donate safely on our website! Please stop by & see me too! If you think you could give me a great home these next few years, it would mean the world to me & all the volunteers at the shelter who've come to love my gentle personality. I know everyone wants the young dogs, the purebred dogs and the playful dogs, but there has just got to be someone who can give me a great life for whatever time I have left. Maybe I won't live 7 more years, but the feeling you'll have knowing you helped support a no-kill shelter who is saving lives like mine who otherwise wouldn't have stood a chance, is going to a priceless feeling. Please consider me! Please note Triton is still being treated for the Lymes disease. Soon we will start him on the heartworm treatment (unless he's adopted) -- hopefully some kind person can donate to help cover some of his very expensive bills already -- & heartworm treatment is the most expensive of all! Due to all that is going on with him, it's advised by the vet to wait on neutering. If we cannot neuter him before leaving, we ask you to have that done, unless your vets signs a form stating it's in his best interest not to be. Triton is a lovely boy who is such a sweetie. His legs are showing the effects of the lymes that went untreated for a long time + probably a bit of arthritis too. Too add to the "leg coordination" problems, he's front legs go almost inward which is due to the way he grew -- maybe poor nutrition as a puppy? Whatever his case, he's a boy in need who wants to be loved...if you cannot help him with a home, we're begging you to donate even $5 to help cover expenses. Thanks to everyone who is reading this with tears in their eyes, wondering how something so horrible can happen to such a nice dog, and how the human population can do this to another living creature. It really is sad, isn't it?
Update:  We're very pleased to report that Triton has been adopted to a wonderful new home.  He's been back to visit us at CCHS, and is doing very well.  To see a picture of Triton with his new family, please check out our Happy Homes page.  Thank you to everyone who did so much for Triton.  His new life would not have been possibly without the support of so many wonderful people.  You have all helped to make his world a much better place! 


Dear Friends -
I am going to require one of THE MOST wonderful homes out there since I'm an incredibly sad case. I sure hope someone can help me...and if you cannot find room in your home, can you find some spare change to donate for the 'repair' work I needed? That will help with my big vet bill & help CCHS continue to care for pets like me, where as if they don't have the funding, they are forced to put down severely abused & badly injured pets. Most shelters will not even deal with cases like mine simply because of the financial investment as well as time consuming treatment, which you cannot blame them for. But CCHS is different, they are a no-kill shelter run by donations. Without donations of great, animal loving people, they simply couldn't afford those vet bills costing several hundred (and sometimes several thousand dollars).

But about me and my dreadful life. I am not only a less desirable pooch simply because I'm a hound, I've had a tragic accident, 2 actually. Can you guess why my name is Shotzie? It's because I've been shot...and not just once, but twice! The vet said I was actually hit by a car very recently which caused my front paw to have no use and just to hang underneath me. My owner must have found me hit and what use was I to him? After all it was MY fault I was running loose, it was MY fault I went near the road & it was MY fault I got hit...basically I'm just some stupid, worthless dog to my owner. I started to think I was a stupid dog like he said because I thought he was going to comfort me and give me a treat. Instead what he had in his hand was a gun...a gun he put right up to my head & shot. The first shot didn't kill me so he aimed again right up to my head & shot again....down I went. "Useless dog is gone" he probably thought as he went home for a great dinner not thinking twice of me lying in the woods suffering. All the love I gave him, all the hunting I did for him and this is how he treats me, huh? Well I wasn't about to give up that easy and I fought to stay alive. I survived. I dragged myself to a highway with a paralyzed leg, 2 gunshot holes in my head and 1 bullet still inside that traveled to my neck. A kind woman stopped & loaded me into her car as I just laid on the side like roadkill. The vet did tests on me and took out the bullet...and that leads up to now, where I am recovering at CCHS.

There is nothing much that can be done for my limp paw that curves under. The vet said just give it time & see what happens before they remove my leg. After only a few short days, believe it or not, I'm getting around better & better! My paw still dangles, but not as bad....unfortunately that is the least of my concerns. My future is absolutely unknown which is going to make it even harder for my adoption. I am a sweetheart who loves to get my ears scratched and go out for quick walks, but I'm an injured hound who cannot hunt and was of a breed who's extremely hard to place without any problems. The big unknown is because the bullets went into my head, how will I be affected? It nicked my brain a little and I may have coordination problems..and who knows my leg may not totally be 100% again, but there is still hope for that. The shelter hopes to find someone who can take the time to housebreak me if needed and one who can give me tons of love and affection. I sure never want to have an owner who will let me run loose so the same thing happens again, but people must realize hounds like me follow our noses, it's what we are bred to do. I am not the most well behaved dog on a leash who doesn't try to jump for attention (even with my bad leg!), but that may have something to do with my brain injury causing me to move around quickly at times and others just sit on your lap. With some time and attention I can learn what is acceptable though. I can learn just about everything if you spend the time. I am one of the most gentle dogs and I wouldn't harm a fly, have those big floppy ears and a heart who sure needs someone to love me...can you help me?

If my story touched you, but again you cannot adopt me, can you donate a few dollars to help with my expenses? You can safely donate online by going to our website select "click and pledge" and using any credit card. Even if you can only give $5, our saying is "every penny helps". Please print my story and pass it along to your friends & family who are animal lovers. We need to make people aware this cruelty goes on, and maybe someday can punish these bad people for what they believe is 'their right because animals are property". Maybe you even know someone who can help support CCHS's medical fund to keep them going and continue helping even more angels like me. They have removed so many limbs & eyes over the past few years it's unbelieveable, yet found each one of them a beyond excellent home to live the pampered life. It can only be done with help from kind souls like yourself who may be crying as you read the torture i've been put through in only a few short months of life. I know my suffering wasn't for nothing because I know I will find a great home eventually, & I know I will be able to help CCHS continue saving more lives with my story. I thank everyone in advance for their kindness and prayers and welcome you to visit me at CCHS.
Love, Shotzie
We are so happy to report that "Shotzie" has been adopted!!  Shotzie found a wonderful new home filled with love, and is doing very well.  We thank everyone that helped Shotzie through such a difficult time.  We could never have afforded the care needed without the support of so many compassionate people. 

Although may of our Special Needs Pets have been very lucky and are now home, we often have other special needs pets in need of extra medical attention.  This is why we have established the "Hope Fund", in memory of our very special friend, Hope.  If you would like to make a donation to help other animals in need, we very much appreciate the support to care for them.  Just click on the Donate button below to make a secure donation.  Please specify that your donation is to the Hope Fund to help our very special animals.  Thank you very much for helping us help animals in need!

If you'd like to make a donation to help with the care of these special animals, it's very easy to do so!  Just click on the 'Donate' button above.  You can then make a donation using your charge card through PayPal. 
You may also send donations to: 
CCHS, PO Box 127, Neillsville, WI  54456.
We thank you for your support, and the animals thank you for caring enough to help them!!





My Story:  Hello!  My name is “Hope”, and I was named that because my life is now filled with hope since I came to the Shelter.  I was found as a stray in the Thorp area.  People there had seen me hanging around in the woods for at least six months, but I was so scared that no one could catch me.  I finally became so sick and weak that I collapsed in someone’s yard.  They called the authorities, who brought me here to CCHS.  I’ve been pretty sick, and spent some time with the vet.  I had an open wound that was filled with maggots (yuck!!), and I’m really underweight, as you can see.  Plus I have Lymes Disease, so my joints are really sore and it hurts to move.  But everyone here is so nice, I can’t help but feel better.  I’m a very sweet girl with lots of love still left in my heart.  It will be a while before I’m ready to be adopted, but I know that I now have hope for a better life ahead.


If you’d like to help me, please consider making a donation to help pay for my food and medical care while I’m here.  I have to eat lots to help make up for being so skinny, but I’m trying my best!  But I know it costs a lot of money to buy my food and medicine, so I’d really appreciate any help!


Please feel free to talk to me and pet me!  I really love people, and I’m learning to trust that it’s all going to be OK.  I’m really hoping that everybody learns from me that it’s good to ‘hope’ for a better life!



So many of you have written, called and even stopped in to visit this sweet, little dog who has suffered so much in her life. We appreciate each and every one of you. Our main reason for being here and doing the work we do is to help animals. We often find ourselves with a special needs case, as Hope was. Those are the pets that need care and love above and beyond the normal amount.


We will never know how Hope came to be in such terrible shape. She was emaciated, had intestinal worms, fleas, was covered with ticks, infected with Lyme’s disease, dehydrated, had hearing, vision, and balance problems. We had to carry her in to the Shelter because she could not walk. She had the most amazingly kind eyes, pleading for help and such a gentle nature that we instantly fell in love with her. The next several days involved extensive treatment at the Vet’s office and then a rigid course of medicine and therapy.


She loved to sit with her head in your lap and just be with you. It comforted and soothed her. Eventually we could see the progress. Her senses perked up. She would look right at us as we approached her pen. She loved to try to walk so we went very slowly and felt so happy for her with each step she took. The volunteers would feed her by holding her food in their hand because she liked that best. She grew stronger each day and we reveled in the progress.


Then on Sunday morning, our kennel staff found her dead. Everyone was shocked. All indications were that she was making amazing progress. We looked forward to the day when she would be able to play with other dogs and eventually be adopted into a loving family. The concensus as to cause of death was organ failure. Her heart, kidneys and liver were too damaged to recover and her life systems could no longer function properly.


We spent considerable time mourning, then asking why? Why this beautiful, kind dog? If only she could have come to the Shelter sooner, we may have been able to save her. Such is always the case when you lose someone dear to you. There never seems to be a good reason as to why. In retrospect we have found that good has come from this very sad situation however. We have set up the “Hope Fund” specifically to help other unfortunate and special needs pets who come to our Shelter.


Right now, we have a poor little kitty named Faith, with badly burned front paws. She is only a few weeks old but has the most beautiful and expressive eyes. She is being treated and is expected to make a full recovery in time.


We also have Higgins. He is an elderly Black Lab mix who was found as a stray and brought to us. Higgins has an eye infection, Lyme’s disease, Erhlichiosis, intestinal parasites and he limps. We are in the process of treating all of his afflictions and we are hopeful that he will also make a full recovery.


It’s wonderful to see how the volunteers, our members, and the visiting public care for these special needs pets. They strike a chord in all of us. People who care are touched by their stories and their unfortunate circumstances. It reinforces why this work is so important. We’ve all been down on our luck at some point in our lives and it’s a great feeling to know that there are people out there who genuinely care and want to help.


As sad as Hope’s death was, and continues to be, it has re-energized us in our commitment to help those in need. A dear friend sent this sentiment: Take consolation in the fact that she spent the last days of her time here with us on this often cruel earth surrounded by love, warmth, compassion and care. She will never again be lost, abandoned, hungry, cold or hurting. Her love will live on in all of us and the world will be better for her having been here.


To those of you who have expressed sympathy, sent donations or helped us in any way, please know that with your help we will go on to help other pets in need. Your donations will be put into the Hope Fund which will be used to give ”hope” to those who need it most.


Thank you from the staff and the pets at the Clark County Humane Society.


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