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Dogs Sold at the March 10, 2007, Dog Auction in Thorp


This is "Furbie", a very sweet little Pomeranian.  Furbie came to us when he was purchased at the Thorp Dog Auction.  As you can see in the pictures to the right, Furbie had some major dental problems.  He had the worst set of teeth we had ever seen.  We took Furbie to our veterinarian for dental work.  Unfortunately, all but two of his teeth had to be pulled.  It took our vet almost an hour to complete his dental work, and cost us several hundred dollars.  Luckily, Furbie recovered beautifully and never lost his sweet, gentle personality.  He went on to be adopted to a wonderful family and now has the great life he used to dream about!




"Cinnamon" had spent a long time at a puppy mill.  We could tell that by the condition his feet were in.  He was suffering from severe interdigital pyoderma.  This is an infection in the feet caused by standing in wet, dirty, unsanitary conditions for a long time.  It worsens due to the irritation caused by standing on wire in cages 24 hours a day.  You can see the terrible condition of his feet in the pictures to the right.  The condition is easily treated with medication.  Cinnamon was cared for, and his feet healed with no lasting problems.  He went on to be adopted to a wonderful new home where he is now the center of attention!


Many of the dogs we received from the dog auction came to us with terribly long nails.  The nails were so long that it is painful for the dogs to even walk.  "Oregano", shown above and to the right, was one of the dogs.  Trimming and maintaining a dog's nails is not that difficult to do.  We gradually trimmed back Oregano's nails so that he was again able to walk comfortably.  Once he was feeling better, he went home with a great new family who will love him forever!












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